Get an old phone, put a Raspberry Pi in it and have fun playing with it

I saw David Chote’s Talkiepi and I decided to make my own version by using two old linesman telephones. My kids love playing with them.

I would like to recommend David Chote’s Talkiepi, which I found about on the web towards the end of last year and only recently got busy putting together. Enjoyable stuff it is and, like most great concepts, brilliant in its simplicity, as it only involves using a Raspberry Pi 3, Mumble – a free source VoIP client-, and a speakerphone in order to build a walkie-talkie.

My version of the Talkiepi

All the credit goes to David Chote, who adapted the software to be used in a headless Raspberry Pi and who designed the walkie-talkie 3D printed enclosure. He provides instructions in GitHub and in his own website.

David Chote’s original Talkiepi (photo: David Chote)

David’s motivation was to build walkie-talkies for his kids and their friends to play, which is exactly the same reason why I decided to replicate his Talkiepi. However, instead of using David’s 3D printed enclosure I decided to buy a couple of chunky linesman telephones, with heavy black Bakelite handsets, and turn the Talkiepi into a portable telephone for my kids to talk to many friends at the same time. It can be plugged in in any room of the house, or in a friend’s house, for that matter.
I also used a cheap USB headset instead of a speakerphone.

Just to clarify, I’m not an army collector. More a ‘make raspberry pies, not war’ type of person, I would say.

I’m very pleased with the result and very grateful to David for his idea.

I’m looking forward to the Pi Zero, battery powered version, as it will make this cool project considerably more affordable. And portable.


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